KAPLAN helps students ace exams for entry to college, graduate programs, and professional licensing. KAPLAN has been doing this for over 75 years and has helped millions of people get higher test scores.

As the world leader in test preparation, KAPLAN provides unparalleled depth of knowledge, experience, and resources to its students. KAPLAN's programs are a partnership between expert instructors and you, geared around your individual needs and goals.
In Japan, KAPLAN programs are offered by Shane Corporation Ltd. under the provider agreement between ZE Holdings Inc. and KAPLAN Test Prep International, Inc. Kalpan Certified Education Provider in Japan is located only here in Ochanomizu, Tokyo, as the KAPLAN Ochanomizu Center.

The following programs are currently offered in Japan:

* Test preparation for precollege and graduate exams
-TOEFL®, GRE®, GMAT®, SAT®, ACT®, LSAT®, SSAT®, and more.
* Test preparation for medical exams
Precollege Test Prep
ACT®•SAT® Courses
SSAT® Courses
Graduate Test Prep
GMAT® Courses
GRE® Courses
LSAT® Courses